A brand new day

We went in for another level 2 ultrasound on Tuesday. Our little boy was very active. The doctor was impressed with his muscle tone and his strength. Everything looked great! Even his heart!!! Dr. Case did confide in us that at the 17 week scan he was quite concerned that what he suspected to be a heart defect (Atrioventricular Septal Defect, or AVSD) was going to be a large one. So we went in to the scan hoping for good news but expecting the worst. For once we received good news!!! The defect, if there even is one, is very small – so small in fact he’s not even sure if it’s there. We have another ultrasound scheduled for July 31, I’ll be almost 27 weeks then, to see if it’s actually there or not. If it is, or if it’s still inconclusive, we’ll get an echocardiogram of Eli’s heart done at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. I am so thankful for the wonderful doctors that are along this journey with us. They truly have our son, and our family, in their best interest. I can certainly feel the love.

If you asked me a month ago, I would’ve said I regretted finding out that Eli had Down syndrome prenatally. It took away the joy of the pregnancy. Instead it was filled with worry, grief, and anger. Today, I am happy to report, the joy is back! I love feeling my baby boy kick at me. I giggle when he has hiccups. I love hearing Cody tell people Mama has a baby in her belly. I no longer try to hide the fact that I’m pregnant by wearing baggy sweatshirts (thank goodness since summer has finally arrived in Seattle!). I proudly shop for maternity clothes and will talk about Eli to anyone who asks. I will talk about Eli. I may or may not talk about the Down syndrome. That is just a part of him. It is not all of him. He is my baby and I am so proud of him. So proud that his kicks are strong. So proud that he impressed the doctor. So proud to hear his strong heartbeat. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of things he does that make me proud. Today, I am one proud mommy of both my boys.




7 comments on “A brand new day

  1. So glad you received good news! I enjoyed lunch the other day and catching up. I wish all the best for you, Chuck, Cody and Eli!

  2. So much good news!! Praise God! That middle picture of Cody is cracking me up every time I look at it and those ultrasound pictures never cease to amaze me. I know I looked at T and Rowans so much. It looks like Eli already looks a lot like his big brother.

  3. I saw your post on facebook about your baby. I believe I was able to see it because I’m friends from college with Karin. I wanted to reach out because my beautiful 2.5 yo daughter Makenna has down syndrome and has a fixed complete AVSD. I have two older children as well. I understand the ups and downs but ill tell you, I wouldn’t change anything about my children. Makenna has taught me more than I could ever imagine. If you have any questions about down syndrome, heart surgery, early intervention or just to vent. I would be more than happy to help! My email is shanyuw@hotmail.com. if you email me ill send you my cell number. Karin Hansen might have my cell as well just didn’t want to put it on a blog

  4. Dear Melanie – you are in for a wonderful adventure. Cliche – right? Well, I really mean it and I’ve been walking in your shoes since November. When we learned our second daughter had Down syndrome, my emotions seesawed just like your’s and that’s OK. You should love your baby, you should grieve, you should do anything and everything your heart and soul feels. People kept telling us, you are so fortunate and you are blessed beyond belief. It’s easy to say when you’re not in my shoes. I wondered, just as you, whether my baby girl would walk, talk and love. And will she know how much we love her? In the months since she was born, all of these answers have been yes. My Elizabeth smiles, laughs, engages, jibber-jabbers. She is more like us than anything else. I still cry to sleep sometimes, and shed oceans of tears in the shower as I wonder what the future holds. But I also enjoy the miracle of this new life regardless of whether it is exactly how I planned. Please continue following my blog … I look forward to following you and your experience! No one will leave your side. In fact, your new baby will open doors and bring you friends you would never had the opportunity connect with before. xo, Jennifer (www.dalefamily.org)

    • Thanks Jennifer! I totally appreciate your perspective since you’ve “walked in my shoes”. I love following the journeys of those who’ve paved the way before me!

  5. That was a nice read and some great news!!! You are right to be proud of little Eli, I know he’s going to be proud to call you his momma. You’re so strong Mel.

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