Having faith

The day we received the news that we had a 1 in 3 chance of our baby having Down syndrome we went to see a genetic counselor. On the way home, we passed a small country church. On the sign of the church is a small reader board that they change with different quotes, bibles verses, or community events. On that particular day, the quote spoke directly to us and our situation. It said, ‘FAITH: Confident in hope and certainty in the unseen.’ Those words got us through the endless wait to find out the results of the blood test. Back then, I took it to mean that if we just had faith our baby would be ok. Eight days later, on the way home from the appointment where we discussed the phone call that confirmed we were the 1 in 3, I saw the quote and burst into tears. Were we not filled with enough faith? Didn’t we have plenty of hope? Was this our fault?

I passed that sign the other day coming home from the park with Cody. Two and a half months later it is still the same quote on the reader board. This time, I looked at it and smiled. We do have enough faith and we are ‘confident in hope’. That is why Eli was chosen for us. That quote speaks more to me today then it did then. We have ‘certainty in the unseen’. We are certain for our love for our child and we have faith in our future as a family.

One comment on “Having faith

  1. I love reading your posts–I read them over and over. Just like your posts and emotions change from day to day, so do my thouoghts and emotions change from day to day. Last week I cried and cried. This week I’m better. I remember when you were born, my friendship with your mom, how our lives were when we where young, the trials and tribulations we went through in the early years, the sadness we endured as we got older, the happiness that our family and childrens brought us as we got older adn the widom to see things differently as we age. I have been blessed with alot of friends in life–wonderful friends. Some have weaved in and out of my life at intervals, at times thinking I would never hear from them again. I remember the joy they brought to my life when we met and the sadness I felt when it appeared that they dropped out of my life. Then years later, here they came entering again–at a different stage. It is funny how people weave in and out of our lives, what they bring to it, what they leave out behind when God has seen fit to take them from this earth. People are wonderful even when they can’t seem to express it to us. I miss them always. I love your openness. I just simply love you beyond words. You are my heart, just as if you were my own. I have every faith you in you, Chuck, Cody, your mom and your friends–near and far. Be strong my darling!!

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