Ultrasound today

Thank you for all the love and support shown to me last week. I had a rough week but so many people reached out with kind words and concern that I didn’t feel so alone. I have been feeling a lot better and am once again in a good and positive place. BUT, today we have another ultrasound. I have been somewhat dreading this ultrasound for quite some time. Besides heart defects, another common birth defect found in babies with Down syndrome is something called duodenal atresia. Here is the definition according to About.com:

Duodenal atresia is a birth defect of the digestive or gastrointestinal (GI) system that occurs more frequently in infants with Down syndrome. Somewhere between 5% and 7% of infants with Down syndrome will be born with duodenal atresia, as compared to only 1 in 10,000 infants who do not have Down syndrome.

What Exactly Is Duodenal Atresia?

Duodenal atresia is a condition in which part of the small bowel (the duodenum) does not form properly. The duodenum is a small tube-like structure that lets digested material from the stomach pass into the small bowel. Occasionally, the duodenum does not form correctly and is either closed (duodenal atresia) or much smaller than normal (duodenal stenosis).

This defect is usually found after 24 weeks. I had an ultrasound at 26 weeks and everything looked “fine” but I’ve learned not to celebrate until we are absolutely certain. Today we will know for sure whether our little guy has a “double bubble” (a phrase used to refer to duodenal atresia) or not. We have become accustomed to expecting the worst so then we are not left feeling so blindsided. The reason this defect scares me so much is that this is something that will require surgery immediately after birth. I just want to see and hold my baby when he’s born. That’s truly all I want. I know he may be sick. I know he may look different. But I just want to snuggle Eli and tell him I’m his mommy and that I will love him forever, just like I did with Cody.

I hope and pray that we leave Dr. Case’s office today with smiles on our faces and relief in our hearts. All prayers are requested and appreciated! I’ll update this evening.
Much love always. xoxo


5 comments on “Ultrasound today

  1. Good luck, update me when you know, our baby has this and the thought of having to hand him over at birth is killing me! Hoping I get a 5 minute cuddle at least
    Surgery is very easy with no long term effects and a 2 week stay in hospital, also better to have a diagnosis pre natally do it’s addressed immediately I’m not sure I could settle if I knew the foxes knew they were there, I’d be so worried they would find a way in, think I’ve been quite lucky and never seen a fox in our set of gardens
    It’s quite rare so fingers crossed you will be ok xx

  2. Love you Mel! Your blog is truly amazing. When I read your updates, even if they are sad days or happy days for you, your words are so powerful and inspiring to me. You have a way of grabbing the reader and making them truly understand your emotions. If you don’t already know it, you are changing peoples lives with your words. Saying a prayer for you today that your appointment goes well.


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