Birthday planned

October 25, 2012 – If everything goes smoothly until then that is the date Eli Michael will be born. We picked that date at our appointment the other day. We originally picked October 26 but when my OB informed me he’d be in surgeries all day and wouldn’t be able to do my c-section until 7 or 8PM I decided to switch days. Fasting all day while hugely pregnant does not interest me. Until then, Eli will be monitored twice weekly through non-stress tests at my OB’s office and Biophysical Profiles (ultrasounds) at my radiologist’s office.

So, the countdown begins! 55 days. Yikes!!! ๐Ÿ˜ I am nervous, excited, stressed, you name it. I am every emotion imaginable on any given day. In less than 2 months our world will change forever. That puts my stomach in knots. But, I am trying not to live in fear and doubt. I truly believe that Eli will change our lives, and maybe yours too, for the better.

Eli through the months. Keep growing baby!


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