A fun family day

We went to the fair yesterday. Just the three of us. We’ve been taking
Cody to the fair every spring and every September since he was born. Each time we attempt a family portrait via the photo booth. Some attempts are successful, some (like yesterday’s) are not!

Cody and I made our first Doodah bird together. This was a very happy occasion for me. You see, this is something I once did as a child with my “real” dad (whom I haven’t spoken to since I was 10). I don’t have a lot of good memories of him but that is one I remember (in fact I still have the Doodah we made!). I was excited to be able to create a new memory with my son that hopefully one day he’ll cherish as well.

Cody LOVED the horses the most. He brought his toy horse and carried it proudly in the horse barn. We came across one horse that was instantly interested in Cody. He showed him his horse and the horse came right over to him. This shocked his owner. She informed us that he was usually a very “anti social and cranky” horse. He does not like strangers – except for our Cody. It was cute to see their interaction.

We didn’t attempt any rides this time although Cody was quite fascinated with the sky ride. He thought it was an airplane. Unfortunately for him, this preggo mommy was not interested in climbing into a gondola suspended 100 feet in the air by a thin wire. Maybe one day, but not today.

It was a wonderful family day at the fair. We are cherishing our last few weeks as a family of three. I can’t believe we’re only 6 weeks away from becoming a family of four!










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