A fun fall day at the farm

Yesterday we spent another fun day at the farm. For those who are local, you must visit Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah with your little one(s). There is so much to do and explore! There’s horses, pigs, chickens, roosters, goats, sheep, miniature horses, ducks, pheasants, cats and kittens, dogs, bunnies, peacocks, and parrots. They have a train for train rides and a horse/pony for children to ride. There’s a hay maze and rope swing in the barn. Outside are 2 bounce houses and a HUGE inflatable slide. There are numerous ride on vehicles perfect for toddlers and the older kids. Kids and adults can shoot baskets on the basketball court or picnic by the river. We started going here about a year ago. I was looking for a fun pumpkin patch to bring Cody too. Although it wasn’t the pumpkin patch I had in mind (hundreds of pumpkins are available, neatly piled and lined up throughout the farm) we had a wonderful time exploring the farm and meeting all the animals. Since then we’ve been back at least 8 times. It’s Cody’s favorite place to visit. I can’t wait to bring Eli and let his big brother show him around the farm. We had a wonderful time with Nana (thankfully she was with us as my overly pregnant body could not keep up with my overly excited 2 year old!). The visit was a little bittersweet as I knew it’d be the last time I visit the farm with just Cody. I am so excited for Eli’s arrival into our family but I am cherishing my time with my only child for the next couple of weeks. 14 days. Oh my!!!!!! 😍In two short weeks we’ll meet our amazing little boy who, in the words of our radiologist (ultrasound doc) Dr. Case, will “change the world”.





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