A sigh of relief

Yeah!!! We made it to October 12th! My OB is back from his two week vacation and I’m past the 37 week mark. I can breathe a sigh of relief – finally. I went in for another NST (non stress test) this morning. Eli was a star. He passed with flying colors! I was having contractions but nobody seemed too concerned. My cervix still looks “good”. My OB did tell me that if my water was to break before the planned c-section on the 25th I was to make sure they tracked him down as he would like to make sure he is with us for our miracle boy’s arrival. That was very reassuring as I don’t want anyone else delivering our son. Dr. Lawler had a huge hand in our acceptance of our unborn child’s Down syndrome diagnosis – it is important to me that he complete the journey with us.

The countdown has begun. Less than two weeks until we are holding our baby boy! Your continued prayers are appreciated. It’s hard to believe we are at the end of this stage. It has often seemed like the longest. pregnancy. ever.


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