Better than OK

Sorry I haven’t posted on here since we came home. I’ve been enjoying my time with my precious sons. I will tell you this – I have no idea what I was ever afraid of! Our baby is a joy. He makes us laugh and smile. He is just like his big brother was when he was a baby except Eli eats better and actually seems stronger. He’s already lifting his head up! He’s such a rockstar. Cody wasn’t thrilled with his little brother at first but he’s coming around. Yesterday he asked to hold Eli! It was by far my proudest parenting moment to date. Amongst the picture taking I looked up at Chuck with tears in my eyes and the biggest smile on my face – if I’m not mistaken, Chuck had tears in his eyes too. We’ve been telling ourselves all along that it will all be ok. Guess what? It is better than ok. It is perfect!

I’m working on Eli’s birth story but it’s long and thoughtful so it’s taking awhile. I promise it’s coming though! In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures of our family. If only I knew 5 months ago this is what it’d be like…I would have never questioned a thing. Thank you God for blessing our family!

xoxo Melanie



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