Eli can hear!!!

We went to the audiologist for a follow up BAER test (the last one was just a screen). Eli can hear!!! He has “normal hearing with normal middle ear function in his right ear”. He has “mild to moderate TEMPORARY loss in his left ear with abnormal middle ear function”. So that means he can hear and he can hear pretty clear! His left ear may be a little muffled – like when you’re flying and your ears get plugged before popping – but they are hopeful it will not impact his speech development. He does have fluid in his left ear which very likely has caused this TEMPORARY hearing loss. The hope is that once he gets bigger and his ear canals grow (right now they are abnormally small) he can get tubes placed in his ears to help drain the fluid and keep those canals open (I think – I’m no expert on tubes…yet!). Because of his Down syndrome, he has “floppier” ear canals. This may hinder the placement of tubes. Either way, it was so wonderful hearing good news at an appointment for a change. When the audiologist told us, I wanted to jump up and hug her but I couldn’t as Eli was sleeping on my lap. Such a relief. Thank you for your continued prayers for our boy. They are being heard!



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