Santa Claus

Yesterday, we visited Santa. I thought maybe we’d skip it this year for two reasons. Cody has not been interested in meeting Santa (he went his first year when he was a baby and we didn’t try last year as he was terrified of his experience with the Easter Bunny). I was not interested in Eli getting covered in little kid germs passed on by the big guy in the red suit. But the other day, Cody announced that he wanted to go see Santa. I wanted to make sure he really meant it so we waited a few days. Each morning he’d ask to go see Santa. Finally we decided he really wanted to see him. He even knew what he was going to ask him for. All day he asked when we could see Santa. Finally, we announced upon our arrival to the mall, it was time! Cody looked around the mall with anticipation in his eyes. He seemed excited. We were close. We pointed to where he was. All he could say was, “WOW!”. I was so proud of him! And then…he buried his head into Daddy’s shoulder and asked to go home. Huh? All that excitement was gone and now he was engulfed in shyness and maybe a little fear. I wasn’t going to push him to sit on the lap of a stranger with the red suit who we call Santa. No biggie. Many years ago I worked as an “elf” for the mall Santa (it was so much fun for this Christmas loving girl!) – So many parents forced their terrified, screaming and crying kids to sit for a picture. Then they’d insist we try and make them smile (we were never successful). I swore I would never do that to my child. And then there I was, two Easter’s ago, sitting my terrified child on the lap of an abnormally large bunny and trying to get him to smile. I promised then to never be “that mom” again. But, there was no line. No other kids. Eli would look soooo cute sitting on that lap. He was even dressed for the occasion in his ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ shirt. I couldn’t resist. Luckily, at 6 weeks old, he’s happy in anyone’s arms. And truth be told, Santa didn’t seem that germy. 😉 Cody did accept a candy cane from him and mustered up enough courage to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. At least he didn’t bite him.


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