The big day has arrived. Eli’s heart is getting fixed!

I can’t stop staring at his chest. His perfectly unscarred chest. Tomorrow it will look bad. Real bad. But, eventually, as he grows, the scar will look smaller. It will one day be something that he’ll show off to his friends. A mark of courage. Another thing that makes him perfectly unique.

Tomorrow (well actually today now since it’s 1:30am!) at 7:30am, Eli’s heart will be repaired. Please pray for our sweet boy. Please pray for the surgeons. Please pray for his very worried parents.

Good night for now. I will update throughout the day.



4 comments on “The big day has arrived. Eli’s heart is getting fixed!

  1. Let God carry your burden now. One set of footprints in the sand. Love and prayers sent your way for healing for Eli, for strength & courage for you and Chuck. Love & hugs, Jouella

    • Thank you for reminding me about the footprints in the sand. I read your comment while waiting for Eli’s surgery to start. Your reminder helped to calm me. God carried all of us yesterday. I am so thankful for all your prayers Jouella! Can’t wait for you to meet my healthy Eli!!!

  2. Praying for a quick recovery for your little one! Our Neely had her AV Canal defect fixed in October 2012 and is doing FABULOUS!!!!!! I will admit too that I adored that precious little chest while it was completely unmarred but know I love that scar because I know it saved her life!! 🙂 You’ll love his too! Would love to connect with you! I’m on Facebook as “Jenifer Parris”!


    • Hi Jenifer! I couldn’t find you on Facebook. Try looking for me – Melanie Willette Harrington. Would love to connect with you. Your Neely is absolutely the cutest. Hoping Eli does as fabulous as she has post surgery!

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