Post surgery update – DAY 1

Overnight, Eli was taken off the CPAP and put on high flow oxygen. The goal for the day is to try and get him off all oxygen, remove his pacemaker wires, take out his catheter, (still needs the chest tube one more day) and…leave the CICU!!! Woo hoo!!! We are going to try and feed him soon too. Pre-surgery, that was our biggest challenge. Hoping post-surgery he eats like a champ. Chuck and I did go home last night to get some rest. When we arrived at the hospital this morning Eli was a bit restless. I asked to hold him. BEST. MOMENT. EVER. This mommy was in heaven. So thankful for the amazing nurses that work here. They include us in every step of their plan. They call Eli their star patient (and most say he’s the cutest!). Today should be a busy day, plus big brother is coming for a visit. Hoping Eli is more alert and stays comfortable. Continued prayers and good thoughts are appreciated!!!





4 comments on “Post surgery update – DAY 1

  1. so happy you and he had time this morning to be in eachothers arms – he’s one miracle child and you couldn’t be a better mother Mel.
    thoughts, prayers, and strength for you all.

    • Thank you for your prayers. All the nurses agree with you about his adorableness. They’ve all fallen in love with him. He is by far the cutest patient (although I could be a bit biased!).

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