Post surgery update – Days 2 & 3

Eli’s doing great! He’s no longer on oxygen or air of any kind. His chest tube was removed (that looked painful!) yesterday. His IV line was removed today. The only wires he has on still are a pulse/oxygen sensor and heart rate/respiratory rate monitor! His feedings continue to go smoothly (and quickly!). In general, he’s a stud. Every nurse has fallen in love with him and each one wishes every patient was like him (except the nurse who had the pleasure of him pooping in her hand – she probably wishes that moment never happened!). We are getting ready to go on our first walk around the hospital. We may even stop by the playroom so big brother can play. The cardiologist told us we will probably be discharged tomorrow. To that, Eli gave him a big smile!

Thank you all for your prayers. I’ve heard of classrooms praying for Eli. Churches I’ve never attended. Prayer groups, strangers, doctors, and nurses. We have been so truly blessed that our perfect little boy has been lifted up in prayer so profoundly. God bless all of you!

3 comments on “Post surgery update – Days 2 & 3

  1. beautiful news, so happy for you all. what a blessing – Eli is a champ all the way. hope Cody is finding little things at the hospital he enjoys – my kids loved the cafeteria, and taking the elevators!

  2. I found you from Babycenter – what a gorgeous little boy, and I’m so happy he’s doing so well post-surgery!! We also had a good post-surgical experience with my daughter’s OHS when she was 4 months old. 🙂

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