Post surgery update – Day 4 (Going Home!!!)

Our wonder boy is heading HOME! Just 4 days post open heart surgery. The nurses are sad to see him go but we are so excited to leave. We have had the best care at Seattle Children’s Hospital and are so thankful to the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and staff who cared for our little boy but there truly is no place like home. Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support. Reading your messages helped this mama get through the scariest time of our lives. xoxo



3 comments on “Post surgery update – Day 4 (Going Home!!!)

  1. Woohoo!!! What a trouper!!! One more day and you will have your baby boy home. I am so happy for the little hero and your family.

  2. I JUST figured out how to leave a message on your blog after all this time! I’m soooo very glad to see our sweetie pie is doing so well! It must feel fabulous to not have the surgery looming over you anymore–prayers for continued smooth recovery. xoxo

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