Fun times (with lots of pictures)!

Sorry to have disappeared for a bit. We have been very busy since Eli officially got out of “quarantine”. We’ve had play dates and road trips and birthday parties to attend. We’ve gone sledding and swimming and swinging at the park. Ducks have been fed and the dog has been walked. We’ve been blessed to finally be able to introduce Eli to many of the people who have prayed for him. Our sweet boy is a totally different baby. He’s happy and energetic and full of life. His incision has healed nicely. It’s truly amazing considering he had open heart surgery just 4 1/2 weeks ago! We are so thankful to have our baby boy healthy. We are so grateful to get to share in the joy that both of our sons bring to our family. Here’s a picture journey of the last couple of weeks.

By Melanie Posted in Life

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