Happy to be HOME!

After 6 very long days our unexpected hospital stay ended last night. The doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists (who were amazing – I highly recommend Swedish Issaquah!) all decided that Eli could do the rest of his healing at home. Of course, they decided this at 8pm last night so we did a mad scramble to get out of there to be home in time to put Cody to bed. We didn’t tell him we were coming home (my mom knew though). We decided to FaceTime him (phone call with video) like we always did before bed to tell him good night. He told us what movie he was watching and we asked if we could watch it with him. He seemed confused until he realized we were standing right in front of him. The look on his face was priceless. Complete surprise and excitement. The first thing he said was, “Eli all better!” (he knew that was the condition to us coming home). Eli still has some recovering to do so our activities will continue to be limited until he is 100%. Have I mentioned how much I cannot wait for this cold and flu season to end?!? But thankfully we are all home – together – as a family. I think Chuck’s birthday wish came true this year!

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers, love, and support. Thanks especially to my amazing mom (Nana). We could not have done this without her help. When I found out we had to go to the hospital she dropped everything to come over to “this side” of the mountains to care for Cody. We can never say thank you enough. We love you mom/nana!!!

Here’s a collage I put together of pictures taken during each day of our hospital stay. From the looks of it, Eli loved every minute of it!


xoxo Love, health, and happiness!!!

2 comments on “Happy to be HOME!

  1. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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