Stopping the seizures – Day 1

We are settled in at the hospital. We scored a private room thanks to Eli’s lingering cough from the previous week’s hospital stay. It’s great to have our own room but now we have to take “quarantine precautions”, which means no children under 10 allowed to visit. We found that out about 5 minutes before a very excited Cody (with Nana) showed up. Luckily the hospital has a great outdoor play area that happily occupied big brother while we took turns playing with him.

Eli received his first injection of ACTH. That was about 3 hours ago. So far there has been no reaction. He is currently sleeping restfully in my arms. The doctor warned us that many of his patients parents “no longer like their child while on ACTH” so I am expecting a raging, steroid fueled, beast to emerge shortly. I can’t imagine my lovable, easygoing baby turning into The Hulk. Fingers crossed his sweetness can overtake any crankiness.

I have been practicing injecting an orange to get the feel of giving the shot. I feel I have mastered it. But an orange doesn’t wiggle or cry so my mastery doesn’t mean squat. Tomorrow will be my turn. If I can give Eli the injection successfully, we may be able to go home. No pressure.

Your continued love and prayers for strength and healing for Eli are greatly appreciated as always.

Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind another hospital stay…yet.

He loves kisses!!!
Big brother thinks the hospital is a pretty fun place!

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