A welcome surprise

I woke up this morning to Eli having a seizure. I thought aloud that this was not a good start to our day. As he lay sleeping on my chest, I opened Facebook. A group on there, Circle 21 (with 81,000+ “likes”), posts two daily photos of a person (mostly children) with Down syndrome – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Guess who’s photo was featured this morning?! Our Eli’s!!! I submitted his photo on Monday (they receive numerous photos each day) in hopes that they would one day pick it. I am so honored that they chose his photo to post this morning. It is just the boost of encouragement that this mama needed. So far his photo has thousands of likes and hundreds of encouraging comments. I’ve even connected with two new “friends” who have previously been through similar experiences. Ahhhh, the wonders of the Internet. Sometimes, it can be a true blessing. Thank you Circle 21 for making this proud Mommy’s day!!!

Here’s the photo and his “story” (for those of you who aren’t on Facebook or haven’t yet “liked” Circle 21). 20130410-073020.jpgThis is Eli. He is 5 months old. He was just diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. He is almost 3 months post open heart surgery and very recently spent 6 days in the hospital with RSV. He is strong and brave and resilient and inspiring. Eli is most definitely our Superhero.

6 comments on “A welcome surprise

  1. what a bright shining light of hope just for you this morning! I do believe Eli had a little something to do with it 😉 enjoy the angel sleeping on your chest, priceless moments for mamas and babies.. xo

  2. Oh he is such a sweet boy! I saw his pic this morning and said “hey I know that precious baby!” Some of the best moments are when they are sleeping on your chest. 🙂

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