6 months

Today it’s been 6 months since we handed our precious baby over to surgeons to fix his failing heart. What a difference 6 months makes! The days leading up to open heart surgery were filled with frustration and fear. These days are filled with laughter and learning. It’s amazing to look at Eli and revel at how far he has come. Today his heart is working perfectly, his scar is barely noticeable, and his smile is surely contagious. He truly is mommy’s little hero. ❤



3 comments on “6 months

  1. Oh my goodness! What a SWEET boy! Praying that his next surgery goes smoothly too and for strength and enduring faith for you & Chuck. Love and hugs to Cody too.

  2. Eli steals my heart every time I see his smile or Hold Him – Words can’t express how much I loved holding him during our visit and seeing his smile in person! Such a gem and you Harrington’s have some lucky stars those little boys of yours! xo

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