Meeting milestones

Eli accomplished two major milestones over the last couple of weeks. First of all, he mastered the unsupported sit.
He has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world from a whole new point of view.

Then, two days ago, while his new speech therapist was here, he crawled! He went commando style (on his belly using his legs to inch forward) after a piece of paper of all things. Who knew that’s what it would take! His determination was fierce. I was in awe. Next we will work on hands and knees crawling but I’m in no hurry. I appreciate each milestone he hits, when he hits it.

I was chatting with a mom who is new to this journey (she found out her son had Down syndrome at birth six weeks ago). I told her that one of the wonderful things about Down syndrome is that our babies stay babies just a little bit longer. I appreciate every little thing Eli does instead of just the major milestones. The other day he mimicked his daddy by raising his eyebrows back at him. Our claps and cheers would’ve suggested he did something much more impressive – but to us, it was the most amazing feat ever. We celebrate everything – so much so Cody now claps and cheers each time Eli takes a bite of food or picks up a toy. I guess mommy and daddy aren’t the only ones ridiculously proud of the youngest member of our family! Have I mentioned what an awesome big brother Cody has become?!
I hesitate to “brag” about some of Eli’s accomplishments out of fear of hurting another parent’s feelings. It’s hard when you hear about a child accomplishing something your child has yet to do. You start to feel a tad jealous or inadequate as a parent or fearful you aren’t doing enough to help your child succeed. We’ve all been there. We’ve all thought it. None of it is true but they are rough feelings to process. Being the parent to a child with special needs takes extra time and energy. I never thought I’d have to spend 2+ hours a week with a therapist teaching my child how to sit, crawl, speak, and eat. I was enough for Cody, but Eli requires more focus. That can be daunting at times. It has been overwhelming some days. But, the look of satisfaction on Eli’s face, and the pride I felt swell up in my heart, makes every single second worth it.

I continue to be inspired, in awe, and so very proud of both of my sons. We are truly blessed.


10 comments on “Meeting milestones

  1. Way to go Eli! I think once they get that new perspective that comes with sitting it’s like–what have Ibeen doing all this time? It’s awesome up here! : ) Love the photo of him in the wagon!!

    • Thanks Crystal! You are totally right – Now that he’s sitting, he has no interest in being anything but upright. That picture in the cart is one of my all time favorites of him. He has an infectious smile!

  2. That is so awesome! Good job buddy! It is hard to try and not hurt anyone’s feelings. You want to celebrate yet don’t want to upset others. It’s hard. I’m celebrating with you guys though!

  3. I so appreciate your blog. My son Brady is 8 months with DS and IS. We are tapering off ACTH right now. Your little boy looks so much like mine- steroid cheeks and all. It makes my heart happy to see Elli sitting- we’ve been allllllllmmmmmmoost there on that milestone for 2 months! Thanks for being a fellow mother who I can really relate to!

    • Thanks Katie! I’m hopeful that since Brady’s tapering off the ACTH that means he’s seizure free? It’s so tough watching our children go through that! After our IS battle I realized how truly tough Eli was. It was so awesome watching the light come back in his eyes and the happiness fill his heart. I pray that your Brady is on the path to full recovery. Hugs!

    • 8 days seizure free and we are down to a .07 dose-just a little bit so I am gaining more and more hope for recovery. It’s true- the light in his eyes and happiness in his heart did disappear- it was like he had left us. He was so lost inside his own head, we couldn’t communicate. He didn’t make eye contact with us, didn’t smile, didn’t laugh for about 10 days. And all of those things have come back so gradually. Today was his best day yet! He had enough endurance and attention span to react to us all day. Smiles, giggles, watchful eyes. I almost cry every time he smiles. Still a little fussy and overly hungry but it all keeps improving. I keep thinking about the lessons I am learning from him. Appreciate your child’s health is number one. Many parents are not as lucky as I have been. I am on guard- what might happen next? I just pray for my sweet boy that we will continue on a good path and that my daughter and son can sit together and play:)

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