10 months old!

Look who’s 10 months old already!
I seriously cannot believe it! I guess time flies when you’re having fun – and, right now, we are having A LOT of fun. I hate to say it, but it’s almost like the calm before the storm. Eli must know he’ll be laid up for a few weeks after skull surgery – he’s trying to get everything “accomplished” by then. It’s almost like he has an internal list and he’s checking things off of it.

Sit up. ✅Check.
Crawl. ✅Check.
Stand. ✅Check.
Eat finger foods. ✅Check.
Drink from a cup. ✅Check.
Associate words with people. ✅Check.

I guess he doesn’t want to fall too far behind. He knows how hard playing “catch up” is. Both of his therapists (PT and ST) call him a rock star and are impressed that he’s on target with “typical” kids his age. Given the obstacles he’s had to overcome, he truly amazes me. I feel guilty for ever doubting, or questioning, his ability. I guess he gets the last laugh!

14 comments on “10 months old!

  1. Wow- that list is IMPRESSIVE! So happy for all the joy you are experiencing now because I understand how you have had to wait for that joy and wonder if it would ever come. What a superstar!!

    • Thank you Katie! As you know, during the spasms you wonder if they’ll ever be able to recover, let alone reach milestones. I am so very proud of Eli – and all of our kids who have overcome so much!

  2. He is doing so awesome! He is rockin it! He knew he needed to learn all these things before the next surgery so he wouldn’t have to worry about it. Smart cookie! 😉

  3. Eli is so very sweet and strong and happy! What a dear boy you and Chuck have been blessed with, actually two dear boys! I will continue to pray for continued growth, strength and healing for Eli. Thanks for sharing, love & hugs!

  4. I love this little guy – he teaches me something new, or reminds me what is important in life every time I see him, read of his triumphs or obstacles.. He never seems to let any obstacle get in his way – this surgery being no different. Love to you all!

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