The frog with five legs

Every morning Cody runs to the fish tank to find the two frogs. We have one very special frog whom we’ve named Five Leg Freddy because, you may have guessed, he has five legs!

We didn’t realize he had an extra leg until we got him home and into the fish tank. That is when I told my husband that this frog had a broken leg. Upon further examination, we realized it was actually an extra leg! I found it fascinating. Over the two weeks that we’ve had him, I have watched him in awe. He was just like the other frog. He swam using 4 legs and came up to the top every so often to breathe. We were told that frogs weren’t very social and tend to hide. That is why we play the daily ‘search for the frogs’ game. But, today was different. Cody found Freddy right away. “There he is!”, he happily exclaimed and pointed to the frog -floating at the top of the fish tank. He was dead. Cody didn’t seem to understand so we didn’t tell him. Tonight we sent Freddy off with a proper goodbye (for a frog) and will tell Cody in the morning that Freddy went to Heaven.

I actually cried when I realized our special frog had died. I felt like he was perfect for our family. Many people may have taken him back to the store because he was “defective”. But we kept him and treated him just like we did the other frog. That story sounds familiar. 😊

Rest in peace Five Leg Freddy.

***This story was brought to you by NyQuil (I am sick and in bed). Blame that if you think it’s crazy!

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