Giving glory

Today we went to church. Although we are Christians, we don’t go to church regularly. I’ve always wanted to but never found a church that “fit”. The larger churches seem intimidating and the small churches seemed exclusive. Where we went today is a smaller church in the Snoqualmie Valley, called Valley Christian Assembly. We’ve been a few times to this particular church in the last year. My mom, who is now retired, used to work with one of the members of the church, Michael. He asked his church family to pray for our family throughout my pregnancy, Eli’s birth, heart surgery, seizures, skull surgery and various other hospitalizations and illnesses. Each time we’ve been, people tell us how much Eli’s story has touched them. Complete strangers come up to us and tell us how they’ve prayed for our family. It’s actually quite amazing. One gal refers to Eli as “Our boy”, as in the church’s. When they say church family they aren’t kidding. These kind people have embraced our family as their own. How wonderful to feel a part of something so connected.

Today, Pastor Rick asked everyone to take a few minutes to reflect on the past year. To give glory to God for all of it. Surprisingly to me, as I stood there holding Eli and reflecting on all of the hardships he’s been through this year, I had tears falling down my cheeks. I wasn’t crying because I was sad though. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for getting my family, and Eli, through it all. He never let us down. He never left our side. I won’t lie, there were days that I would question Him as to why this was happening to us, to Eli, but my faith always brought me back to trusting Him. I have grown so much in my faith this past year and a half. That is one of the many things I am so very thankful for. As well as those wonderful people in a church 45 minutes from our house. I am so thankful for every single one of them. For praying for Eli and our family. For welcoming us with open arms. For having a hand in the strengthening of our faith. God leads us to people, for one reason or another, and this past year He’s led us to a congregation that we are happy to be a small part of.

**Cute story: During the worship service, when Pastor Rick was speaking, Eli kept doing the sign for more. Apparently Eli really likes the Pastor and his teachings as well!

3 comments on “Giving glory

  1. Hi Chuck & Melanie, Cody & Eli….Pastor Rick was proud to share with our church family today your blog post about VCA, and we are all encouraged to reach out more to others outside the church. We do have ministries all year long at VCA to serve the community, but there are always more people to reach with God’s love.
    We at VCA are blessed to know your family, and you are certainly welcome to make VCA your church home and become part of our ‘faith family’. We will continue to pray for Eli and all of you–for more successes for Eli, good health for all of you, and for your whole family to continue to grow closer to the Lord through His Word, and the work of the Holy Spirit in your hearts. We are all a work in progress!
    Hoping for a happy healthy 2014 for the Harrington clan in Black Diamond!
    With love in Christ,
    Michael Purser

    • Michael, Thanks for introducing us to your “faith family”. It has been our pleasure to worship with you all. Thank you for your continued prayers. See you soon!

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