Coming soon to your television screen – Eli!

Happy Spring!

It’s been a busy month around here. Seattle Children’s has just fallen in love with our boy. They recently contacted me to ask if we’d share our story on an upcoming television special. Yes, television! I hesitated for a second. It’s scary putting ourselves, my family, out there. But if I can help the hospital that has literally saved my child’s life numerous times, I will. Plus, I love telling Eli’s story. We met the producer and interviewer a few weeks ago. We filmed at the hospital and at our house. The whole experience was surreal. We saw a commercial for the program with our son’s picture. I cried with excitement. Eli takes it all in stride.

The show, “Stories From the Heart: A Mother’s Day Special”, airs this Saturday, May 3rd, at 8pm on KOMO Channel 4 (the Western Washington ABC affiliate). Please watch and, if you can, please donate in honor of a mother you know, love, or admire. For each donation of $10 or more, a card will be sent to the mom telling them a donation to Children’s has been made in their name. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! For those of you who are not local and cannot watch, a link will be provided after the broadcast. I will share that here when it becomes available.

Children’s has chosen our family as the face of their uncompensated care donation campaign. They are trying to change people’s misconceptions about who that fund helps. Most families, like us, have insurance. But, co-pays and out of pocket expenses, quickly add up when your child is sick. Many times, the parents have to take time off of work. Bills do not stop coming. You still have to pay your mortgage, electric bill, etc. The uncompensated care fund helps cover the costs of medical expenses for your child. The very last thing you want to worry about when your child is hospitalized is how you are going to pay for it. Last year, when we first applied for help, I figured we’d be denied. When I was filling Eli’s prescription for pre-surgical soap and ointment prior to his heart surgery, the pharmacy clerk told me I didn’t owe anything because we’re covered through Children’s. I was confused. I called the financial department to clarify. When the lady on the other end told me all previous bills and any future bills would be covered by the uncompensated care fund, I cried. I promised her I would one day give back any way I could.

So, this is our way of giving back. You never know if you will one day be in need of Children’s services. I never thought we would. I listened to the telethons on the radio while driving into my hotel sales job. I watched the television specials, crying along with the families as they talked about heartbreak, loss, hope, and cures. I donated each time, NEVER thinking we would one day be recipients instead of donors. Life changes. Circumstances change. It could happen to you.

In other news, Eli celebrated being one year seizure free. I am filled with such gratitude that his battle with Infantile Spasms is over. I admit, I still wince when I see any unusual movement from him, but the anxiety is dwindling. I continue to pray that he stays seizure free forever. There are so many other children that aren’t as lucky.

He turned 18 months old (a year and a half!) a few days ago. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and lately, we’ve been having a lot of fun!

Thank you all for supporting our family. This Saturday, we’d love if you joined us in celebrating our journey. Please watch the special and donate to Children’s if you can. Eli, Cody, and their grateful parents thank you. ❤️


7 comments on “Coming soon to your television screen – Eli!

  1. Hi Melanie,

    So proud of you and your family. Equally as important, I’m in awe of your talent as a writer. You have definitely changed perceptions through your heartwarming words. Each time I read one of your blogs, I’m touched to the core, tears fill up, and I simply sit back and say, “WOW!”


  2. Hi Melanie,
    I cant wait to see this special of you and your Journey!!! I am not in the US so plssss adv as soon as We can watch this show!
    You are such an inspiry family, your strengh, your faith, your love, your patience, have helped me become a better human really and I have to thank you for that!!!!
    I love Eli and all of you!!!


    • Hi Alex! I will definitely let everyone know where they can watch the special after it’s aired.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful compliment. It means the world to me that you admire our family and that you are the person you are today because you were inspired by this blog. I always said, if I was to reach only one person through this blog, I have done my job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Hello! I came across your blog while researching lambdoid sytosis. My son,Connor just got diagnosed with this on Thursday and w have surgery scheduled for June 5. I am terrified! But I know everything will be ok .Thank you for writing everything down! I have started a blog as well since we are starting on this journey.

    • Hi Katie! Sorry you have to go through this with your son, but you are right – everything will be ok! I will check out your blog. Keeping Connor in my prayers.

  4. Everybody can fallen in love with your boy; he is just so cute and adorable 🙂
    A child is a reflection of first his mother and later of his family. I am sure the treasures of kind heart humanity and wisdom of beautiful expression (which you posses) will be your son’s biggest possession in future. I wish love, health and grace to you and your family!

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