Exciting news!

Exciting news! Eli’s pediatrician, the fabulous Dr. Rebecca Partridge, is starting a Down syndrome clinic for the Seattle/Eastside area. She has a son with Down syndrome and realized the need for a clinic in the area. She called me the other day to ask if she could use Eli’s picture for the brochure. He’s already a star! Of course I said yes. She’s chosen this picture because she said it’s “the most stunning picture she’s ever seen of a child with Down syndrome”.

We are so flattered that she has chosen our precious boy to be the face of her project.

I find it ironic that one of my biggest concerns after we received the prenatal diagnosis was if Eli would be a cute baby like his big brother. Here he is in his second month of life and already he’s a highly sought after model – ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration by a ridiculously proud mama but honestly, I think his extra chromosome just makes him extra cute!