It’s almost Christmas!

I love this time of year. I truly love it. I love the memories and traditions we’re creating for our family. I love the happiness and joy that seem to be prevalent around the city. I love the Christmas music, the lights, the decorations. I often wish the spirit of Christmas would continue throughout the year. But, if it did, I suppose the holiday season wouldn’t be near as special.

This year, instead of going to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree, we went to Fox Hollow Farm and picked out a pre-cut Christmas tree. We rode on a train, played in some kid sized houses, pet horses, a baby cow, miniature goats, a pig, cats, a dog, and some very large turkeys. The best part of the day was when Cody actually talked to Santa and let him hold him – just long enough to tell him want he wanted for Christmas! He hasn’t been that close to Santa since his very first Christmas when he was only 7 months old.





Later that evening, Eli was thrilled to sit on Santa’s lap at a charity event my friends put on for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Cody was not interested and felt the task had already been completed. He told him his list once already and was adamant he would not speak to or sit with him again (lol).


Both boys helped decorate our tree and Cody got the honor of putting the star on top. He was excited!





Cody swore it was Christmas Eve when he woke up to find it had snowed! I tried to explain to him that snow didn’t equate to Christmas but the movies he’s watched don’t help with that theory. He’ll be disappointed when he wakes up this Christmas to no snow on the ground – but he’ll get over it quickly I’m sure!






The best part of Christmas is spending time with those you love. And this mama loves these boys!!





As our countdown to Santa’s arrival gets shorter and shorter, I wanted to be sure to pop on here and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I can never thank you enough for following my family’s journey. As life becomes a little more monotonous (thankfully!) I find that I have less to write about, or maybe it’s just that I have less time now. Either way, I appreciate you sticking this last year out with us. Thank you for every prayer, every note of encouragement, every kind word spoken about my little family. I am so grateful for the new friendships I have gained because of this awesome path God chose for us! I’ve said it numerous times before but I can’t say it enough – We are blessed. Truly, truly blessed.

Merry Christmas!
xoxo Melanie


A fun fall day at the farm

Yesterday we spent another fun day at the farm. For those who are local, you must visit Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah with your little one(s). There is so much to do and explore! There’s horses, pigs, chickens, roosters, goats, sheep, miniature horses, ducks, pheasants, cats and kittens, dogs, bunnies, peacocks, and parrots. They have a train for train rides and a horse/pony for children to ride. There’s a hay maze and rope swing in the barn. Outside are 2 bounce houses and a HUGE inflatable slide. There are numerous ride on vehicles perfect for toddlers and the older kids. Kids and adults can shoot baskets on the basketball court or picnic by the river. We started going here about a year ago. I was looking for a fun pumpkin patch to bring Cody too. Although it wasn’t the pumpkin patch I had in mind (hundreds of pumpkins are available, neatly piled and lined up throughout the farm) we had a wonderful time exploring the farm and meeting all the animals. Since then we’ve been back at least 8 times. It’s Cody’s favorite place to visit. I can’t wait to bring Eli and let his big brother show him around the farm. We had a wonderful time with Nana (thankfully she was with us as my overly pregnant body could not keep up with my overly excited 2 year old!). The visit was a little bittersweet as I knew it’d be the last time I visit the farm with just Cody. I am so excited for Eli’s arrival into our family but I am cherishing my time with my only child for the next couple of weeks. 14 days. Oh my!!!!!! 😍In two short weeks we’ll meet our amazing little boy who, in the words of our radiologist (ultrasound doc) Dr. Case, will “change the world”.





Summertime fun

I’ve been trying to enjoy summer in Seattle before I get too pregnant to withstand the heat! I am also cherishing every moment I have with Cody. I know when Eli arrives things will change. It’ll no longer be just me and ‘lil C’. My little sidekick. I just love hanging out with him. He is so much fun!
We went to the beach and enjoyed the sun, sand, and ‘surf’ (it was on a lake so there wasn’t much surf to be had!). My beautiful niece Mijah joined us on that adventure. He was very brave and got into the water up to his knees. I think it helped that “Auntie” (Mijah) held his hand and gave him courage. 😊

A few days later we went to our favorite farm (Fox Hollow Family Farm). Mijah joined us for that adventure as well (she spent a week and a half with us) as did my sister. Cody loves that place. His favorite animals are the ‘neighs’ (horses). He’s still telling stories about that outing days later. It rained the whole time we were there but he didn’t mind. He was a pro at holding the umbrella and he loved jumping in the puddles!

Today we went to the zoo with a former co-worker and her 5 month old. Cody wanted nothing to do with the baby (uh oh) but loved looking at the bears and giraffes and zebras (which he thought were ‘neighs’). They also have a few ‘moos’ (cows) at the zoo which he loved. He definitely loves the farm animals best!

My son brings so much joy to my life. He makes me laugh and giggle. I love playing at the park or in our backyard with him. I love hearing him clap for himself when he goes down the slide or laugh wildly as I push him higher and higher in the swing. I love when his little face lights up as he hears an airplane high in the sky then cheers when he finds it up there. I love that he tells every plane he sees, “Bye! Bye!”. I love when we’re cuddling in my bed in the morning and he strokes my arm or when he wants me to rub his back before nap time. I am doing my best to cherish all of these wonderful moments together.

I am afraid of the sadness that will envelop him once he realizes that baby Eli will not be leaving. I am scared of his cries when he just wants me to pick him up and hold him after my c-section and I’ll have to tell him no. I know our household will change drastically with the addition of a baby. I promise to take time alone to spend with my little man. I know one day Cody will love Eli. I can’t wait to see him give his little brother a kiss or clap encouragingly as he takes his first step. I can’t wait to see him teach him how to throw a football or kick a soccer ball or shoot a basketball into a hoop. I am so thankful that Eli will receive services to help him along the way (speech, occupational, and physical therapies) but I am confident that his greatest teacher will be his big brother. The same little boy that has taught me to laugh through the tears, find the joy in the simple things, and that sometimes a hug really can make everything all better.